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Marco Greger  30.05.2020 - Interview with JC Channel

I've been talking with the german christian webradio JC Channel about the covid 19 pandemic, conspiracy theories and my new single. You can listen to the radio show on monday, June 1st 2020, 6 PM (MESZ) and on thursday, June 4th 2020 2 AM (MESZ) at listen.jcchannel.com. There are snippets from the saturday show coming online here soon. Stay tuned! ;) Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay updated!

Marco Greger  18.01.2020 - Guest at HOMEDIA

I'm going to be a guest at the live show HOMEDIA January 18. Save the date! The show will be seen here. Stay tuned:

Marco Greger  October 01, 2019 - Newspaper article in the Amberger Zeitung

After an interview with the Amberger Zeitung there was an amazing article about my new EP in the newspaper on wednesday. Thanks a lot to the editors! Enlarge the article by klicking on the image or read it online.
(If you don't speak german there are actually some pretty cool images in the article) 😇
Listen to the new Black Box EP here!


Marco Greger  Jung 29, 2019 - Back Box EP now on Spotify!

My new EP is now available on Spotify! Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Tidal and Deezer are to follow! Scan the code below:

If you don't see this picture search manually

The singles "Senseless War" and "Wrong & Right" are going to disappear but heir High Quality remaster versions are part of the new EP! ;)

Marco Greger  June 22, 2019 - Altstadtfest Amberg

New dates: June 22, 2019, Rossmarkt Amberg, 5pm: Amberger Altstadtfest!

Marco Greger  Feb 16, 2019 - Gig in Amberg!

February 16: I'm playing on stage with Irgendsone Punkbänd and Lucas Hegner. Live and unplugged. More information here.

Marco Greger  Dec 01, 2018 - "Wrong & Right" now on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & more!

Pic of a guy listening to music

Spotify Link Amazon Link Apple Music Link Tidal Link Deezer Link Google Play Link

Marco Greger  Nov 30, 2018 - Radio Meilensteine about my new music video

I've talked to the christian radio station Radio Meilensteine about my new music video. Listen here (german):

If the player is not showing up you can get the file here.
The show was broadcast Nov 27 on the frequency of AFK Max Nuremberg and later on JC Channel.com.

Marco Greger  Nov 21, 2018 - Wrong & Right (Lyric Video)

Proudly presenting: the brandnew lyric video for "Wrong & Right" is online now! Check it out and share it with your friends!

Marco Greger  Oct 12, 2018 - Interview with JC Channel

I've talked to the christian web radio JC Channel about my new single The Love That I Had Before. Listen to the interview here on saturday (October 13) 9am, monday (October 15) 6pm and thursday (October 18) 2am.

Also you can buy the single here.

Marco Greger  Jun 15, 2018 - "The Love That I Had before" music video online now!

"The Love That I Had before" music video out now! Check it out:

Marco Greger  Feb 22, 2018 - "Senseless War" music video online now!

My first self-directed music video is online now! Check it out:

Marco Greger  Oct 25, 2017 - What's going on in my living room?

Bild1 Bild2

My living room became an artist studio tonight. My friends Vera and Hannah are working on the last few steps for a project that will be released soon. You'll find it here on my web page, also on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. So follow for staying updated! You won't regret it! 😃

Marco Greger  Oct 06, 2017 - Gig at AMplugged 8 in Amberg

Last friday the world was our stage! ... Well, maybe not the whole world but at least the yard of the pub " Blaues Haus ". Inchoate and I were honored rocking the stage at AMplugged 8! The event was initiated by the Leo Club of Amberg. The proceeds have been donated for a good purpose.

Blaues Haus Auftritt Bild1 Blaues Haus Auftritt Bild2

Pictures by Vera Kaltenecker

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